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Shanduka Group was founded in 2001 as a black-owned investment holding company. It is invested in a diverse portfolio of listed and unlisted companies, with key holdings in the resources, food and beverage industries. Shanduka is also invested in the financial services, energy, telecoms, property and industrial sectors. The group has investments in South Africa, Mozambique, Mauritius, Ghana and Nigeria.

The company's investment philosophy rests on partnering with firms that have a history of delivering profitable earnings and capable management teams that embrace transformation.

Shanduka has developed a growth strategy that typically consists of three phases:

  • Shanduka often commences as a purely financial investor seeking opportunities for capital formation and cash generation.
  • It gradually acquires operating skills with a view to achieving significant influence in selected businesses.
  • It acquires equity and operational control of entities that are regarded as long term core investments.

Shanduka’s broad-based ownership demonstrates its commitment to empowerment and transformation. Part of its shareholding is held by trusts that invest in education and small business development. Total black ownership is 51%, of which an 18% shareholding is held by broad-based trusts.

Shanduka FoundationIn 2004, Shanduka Group launched the Shanduka Foundation and made a commitment to spend R100 million on corporate social investments over ten years. The Shanduka Foundation has a number of entities through which it carries out its social investments, including the Adopt-a-School Foundation, Shanduka Black Umbrellas, Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust and Shanduka Internships.


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