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How To Partner With Us

Shanduka will partner with companies that have a strong profit history, good growth potential and most importantly, compatibility with Shanduka's business philosophy and values.

We invest in a portfolio of high quality businesses that:

  • Are well managed and cash generative.

  • We can derive exceptional returns from.

  • Embrace transformation.


Criteria for doing business with Shanduka:

As an investment holding company and BBBEE partner, Shanduka welcomes inquiries from potential partners. Guidelines to establish initial compatibility of a request to enter into a business relationship are outlined below:

  • The interested company should have a track record of sound governance and business ethics compatible with  Shanduka's philosophy and reputation

  • The interested company should have the following:

    • Strong profit history

    • Strong, demonstrable growth prospects

    • Good cash flow generating capacity

    • Strong management team, who are committed to continuity and transformation in collaboration with Shanduka.

  • Shanduka would consider greenfield projects and new ventures.

Shanduka will adhere to strict confidentiality regarding all information provided and is prepared to sign a confidentiality agreement should it be required.

The Information Memorandum or Business Plan should contain, at minimum, the following information:

  • Background and history of the business

  • Information on the markets in which it operates

  • Information on key shareholders and management

  • Shareholding for sale, value consideration and proposed transaction

  • Long term vision for the company, including growth strategy

  • Contemplated board representation and management structure in the proposed transaction

  • Brief historic and forecast financial information - income statement, balance sheet and cash flow.

Shanduka will make an initial evaluation of the information and inform the applicant within a week.


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